Potential Reality

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"In some ways, if you are saying your film is a realist film, or documentary-like, you have to be loyal to reality. In real life nothing ends—no story ends. For example, if a man and a woman fall in love, their story doesn’t end there, it continues. It doesn’t end when they separate either. I don’t really believe in endings. They are unbelievable to me. The other point is that I don’t want my films to end—I want the audience to take the film home with them once it ends. I always end my films at exactly the point where a new story will begin in the mind of the audience."

- Asghar Farhadi, in an interview with Hazlitt (via catherineaddington)

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"Repeat after me:
I am not a problem
to be solved. Repeat after me:
I am worthy I am worthy I am
neither the mistake nor
the punishment."

- Sierra DeMulder (via tellmefive)

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Here’s to loving ourselves better next year. 

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I love it when you’re able to look back at your ex, and be like, “I can’t believe I dated that.”

"As a feminist i am offended by these images, but as a lesbian i am delighted."

- Jane Lynch on sports illustrated swimsuit covers (via twoarmedwoman)